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50 Book Pledge Specialty Badges

2017 Featured Read
Read any one of the 2017 50 Book Pledge Featured Reads to earn this exclusive reward!

#SavvyReadathon Participation Badge
Participate in the #SavvyReadathon on May 13th! This badge is only available to those who signed up prior to the event.

#SavvyReadathon 3+ Books
Read 3 or more books for the #SavvyReadathon on May 13th to earn this exclusive badge! This badge is only available to those who signed up prior to the event.

#SavvyReadathon Read an eBook Badge
Read an eBook during the #SavvyReadathon to earn this readathon-exclusive badge! This badge is only available to those who signed up prior to the event.

Summer Reading Challenge!
Read any two books from our summer must-reads list to add this beautiful, summery badge to your shelf!

Killer Crime Club #SavvyReadathon
Sign up for the Killer Crime Club #SavvyReadathon and earn this participation badge!

Author Badges

Heather O'Neill
Read one of Heather O’Neill’s amazing and award-winning novels including Lullabies for Little Criminals and her most recent, The Lonely Hearts Hotel. Click here to see the full list.

Graeme Simsion
Read any book by bestselling author Graeme Simsion including The Rosie Project and The Rosie Effect and his lastest, The Best of Adam Sharp!

Jennifer Robson
Read one of Jennifer Robson's fascinating historical fiction novels including Somewhere in France, Moonlight in Paris, and her newest—Goodnight From London to earn this author badge!

Kate Hilton
Read Kate Hilton’s newest book, Just Like Family and/or her debut novel, The Hole in the Middle to add this author badge to your shelf!

Book Badges

Hidden Figures
Read Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly and add it to your Read shelf to earn this empowering badge!

The Force
Read Don Winslow's newest novel, The Foce, to get this badge on your shelf!

Give Me the Child
Read the compelling and explosive thriller, Give Me the Child to earn this badge!

Odd Child Out
Get an extra badge when you read Odd Child Out one of our October Thriller Featured Reads!

A Series of Unfortunate Events
A Series of Unfortunate Events is now on Netflix! If you haven’t already, read the series before you watch it and add them to your Read shelf to receive this badge! This badge is only for books 1-4.

Carve The Mark
The book fans of Veronica Roth have been waiting for is finally here. Earn this badge when you add Carve the Mark to your Read shelf!

The Fire by Night
Earn this book badge by reading The Fire by Night, a powerful and evocative debut novel from Teresa Messineo.

Mitzi Bytes
Read Mitzi Bytes by Kerry Clare to add this shiny badge to your shelf!

The Colour of Our Sky
Earn this book badge when you read The Colour of Our Sky, an amazing debut novel by Amita Trasi!

Ginny Moon
Read Ginny Moon by Benjamin Ludwig, the story of Ginny, a fourteen year old autistic girl who is trying to make sense of a world that just doesn't add up, to add this badge to your shelf!

Dragon Teeth
Read Dragon Teeth by Michael Crichton, a recently discovered novel, to earn this badge!

Beren & Luthien
Read Beren and Luthien by J.R.R. Tolkien (!) to add this badge to your shelf!

Brand Badges

Read 1 of the 5 books competing in this year's Canada Reads competition to earn this badge! Visit CBC Books to see which books are participating here.

Read any book from our Thriller Book Guide to earn this fancy Killer Crime Club badge!

Read any one of these key diverse books including Steal Away Home by Karolyn Smardz Frost, Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly, or The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas to honor the legacy of African-Americans, past and present.

Read any Lindsey Kelk book, including her latest, Read our review of We Were on a Break here!, to earn this lovely reward.

HCC March Madness is in its TENTH year! Read any of the 64 books in this year's competition to earn this exclusive 10th Anniversary HCC March Madness badge, and vote for your favourite here!

Read any book from our #GirlBoss reading list to show off your #IWD2017 badge.

Read any book by one of our amazing aboriginal authors from this list to earn this Indigenous Reads badge!

Read any one of the 15 favourite Canadian books from this list to add this exclusive Canada 150 badge to your shelf!

Read any book from our LGBTQIA+ reading list to be eligible for this #LGBTQReads badge!

Number Of Books Read

First Book Read
You've finished your first book and are off to a great start! Thanks for starting the 50 Book Pledge.

10 Books Read
Congrats on reading 10 great books! Here's to more fantastic reads this year.

25 Books Read
You've read 25 books so far. Keep up the awesome reading!

50 Books Read
Congratulations! You've just completed the 50 Book Pledge!

75 Books Read
You've read an incredible 75 Books! Congratulations on this amazing reading accomplishment!

100 Books Read
Wow, you've read 100 books this year! You are truly a reading champ, congratulations on this astonishing accomplishment!

125 Books Read
Way to go! You've read 125 books this year, which must mean you are a VERY avid reader. Congrats!

150 Books Read
Congrats, you've read 150 books this year! You are a reading machine!

175 Books Read
Holy books! You've read 175 this year. We're very, very impressed with your skills. Congratulations on reaching this huge number!

200 Books Read
Reader, we bow down to you! Congrats on reading 200 books this year!

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